Tuesday, July 9, 2019

cheers,\m/ keep rocking…bye for now (ALWAYS DARK ) The silence is the invitation to the concert we are all invited…!!! FROM OVER MORN Let me begin, its a sin, what have you think Make a song for me to sing, What has gone wrong. Know we know where were from,Ill sing my song for you, Sing all you can, Not from the song ive sung for you, Teach me the words ive heard from your soul of the life that you sing for me. So make me a song, Now we know were from, what has gone wrong. You sing your song from the soul that your from, Make me a home Take me home, Take me from home, Let my home come to me Listening to the words, Im not afraid anymore, Anymore Ive forgotten where i am from, You really know this song for me. Care for the world, right from your soul, Please explain these things to me....things happen most of the time ....That moment when things fade into yourself and you can feel that you are alive. We are flowing with time and emotions...if you use your perception !! [act to zeros...!!]

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