Monday, January 27, 2020

...i saw a hologram of my computer doing all the work for my dream, isn't that great !

...holograms are rare.

 ...not a single ufo today, where have all of them gone, just a few dragons in the park and few flying fishes, that's all...

The world finds a nook inside us and slips into us. It's not easy but it stays there till we are full of the light. The light meets the darkness and they speak of the software inside the head filled with shadows, stories and crazy things.

(c) FLIPBOOKS @ 1010101 (c) Earth Design Bhubaneswar

Welcome back home she cries
The place where I belong
Welcome back home she cries and
it wont take long
For, shes been so good to me
She makes me cry
She gave those dreams to me
She made me cry
I don't know why
I've made all my good friends
I've lost some too
I don't care,... the hell about
who... the hell are you
I need some time alone
Some time to think about
Why I needed her yesterday
I need some time to think about where the
hell do i roam
She thinks about us
Its not easy why
She cares so much for me
I'm ready to think ...for her
She taught me everything
She taught me to fly
Soar above the clouds I did
When she was with me
I cant explain the feeling
Which I have inside yeah.