Monday, July 11, 2022


THINGS: Colour washed like apple and rose, Rows of ladybirds in six toes, The passion fruit, The silly prose, Where it comes from where it goes, Nobody knows. Feathers flight, trailing lights, The summer song won't end this night.GREEN: Life on the lazy grass, Talking to the trees,[the hidden fruit], The monkeys grin 📷, The ocean indeed, The wilderness call, And them leaves all, Quietly in the breeze.BLUE: Oceans bed from far within, The moon clears the pigeon seeds, The baggage van, the suede shoes, Skies again in true fluffy blues.YELLOW: The whistling fire for the coffee brew, The sunshine prayer, Ah, sunflowers too, The painting for the picture frame, The memories for the quiet night, And some of the colours for the painting too...) FLIPBOOKS @ 1010101 (c) EARTH DESIGN BHUBANESWAR 

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